ISF & Direct Payments

We provide effective Individual Service Fund (ISF) and Direct Payment management service to individuals who may lack capacity to manage their Personal Budgets, or who do not want the responsibility and administration that goes with having a Direct Payment. This allows people to enjoy the choice and control of a personalised care and support package without the paperwork that goes with it. We help individuals to employ, train and manage their own support staff or Personal Assistants. Above all,  we ensure you have peace of mind knowing that you have great care and support to live the life you want.

Services                      Features                                   Benefits

ISF and Direct Payment( Administration of Allocated Budgets) Hold allocated budget for individuals and help them to find good quality services to meet identified care and support needs to improve quality of life. No hassle with the administration and record keeping. More flexibility and choice and control over provided services.
Independent Support Planning (self funding clients) Design and develop individual support packages to an agreed budget Client gets the most out of their Budget.
Enhanced Specialism and Flexibility
Recruitment of support staff Help individuals to recruit their own Personal Assistant(s) or Support Workers
DBS Check Applications
Client employ own  staff to meet specification and job description.Schedule and monitor PAs work.
Payroll Service Organise pay and taxation for individuals employing their own staff Clients free from sorting out pay and tax. Free to focus on actual needs
Human Resource Offer personnel information to individuals arranging and managing their own support Provide accurate, up-to-date information about Employment Law and requirements
Ongoing record-keeping / Accounting Support Help to keep accurate, up-to-date financial records and returns for Personal Budgets Provide timely information to funders
Community Development Help individuals to access their community and connect with it Improve participation and citizenship
Provide online mandatory training, supervision, coaching and mentoring to PAs and support staff Develop, improve skills and knowledge and ensure best practice
Benefits Information & application Help individuals to identify and claim benefits, entitlements and find other sources of funding Maximise Income
No hassle with completing benefit and grant forms
Back-Up service Provide support staff during PA absences Ensure service continuity
High Co-ordination of Services Help individuals to change and/or run their own support services from week-to-week, month to month for 1 year Increase Choice, Control and Independence
Reviews Help to periodically review support Check what has worked and what has not worked and make changes

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